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Julie Sawyer is a top notch professional. She is very down to earth, so easy to get along with and does her job with the utmost care and precision. I was very happy with her helping on our case."

Mother of Injured Child

"Julie Sawyer-Little is better than outstanding. She is well versed in her fields, comprehensive in her analysis and thoughtful in her advice."

Ronnie Craig / Clawson and Staubes

Having the trauma of your spouse catastrophically injured is heart wrenching, but to find guidance to direct your future in a Life plan for care of them by Mrs. Little was divine. She directed me to what equipment, services and even house changes would be needed down to the penny for his total life. This could be sent to represent him in any court action. If you are a spouse, trust me , you need a Life plan for your loved one."

Spouse of Injured Employee

From a nurses perspective, I knew I could take care of my husband but I had no idea how to plan it the rest of his life or the cost. Mrs. Little and her services found needs I didn't know we would have. Without her services , I would not have known how to look beyond today. I recommend a Life care Plan know matter how much you think you already know."

Spouse of Injured Employee

Life Care Planning Services

What is a Life Care Plan?

A Life Care Plan is a dynamic document based upon published standards of practice, comprehensive assessment, data analysis, and research. This plan provides an organized and outlined strategy for current and future needs with present costs for individuals who have experienced a catastrophic injury or who has chronic health care needs. These plans are utilized in case litigation and long-term planning.

consultant speaking with a couple reviewing papers

The life care plan includes a present and future assessment as well as catastrophic/medical cost analysis and realistic cost for damages needed for:

  • Projected evaluations and therapeutic modalities
  • Wheelchair needs
  • Wheelchair accessories and maintenance
  • Orthotics / Prosthetics
  • Home furnishings & accessories
  • Supplies and medications
  • Future medical care (routine)
  • Various levels of home or facility care
  • Future medical care (aggressive treatment)
  • Transportation
  • Architectural renovations
  • Leisure time / recreational

Julie Sawyer-Little is an experienced, certified life care planner and committed to comprehensively evaluating the overall impact of a disability.

Types of Life Care Plans

Certified life care planners are always needed in what is considered catastrophic injuries but there are other examples where an individual has experienced a major life event where they also need a life care plan and personal injury expert.

Catastrophic Cases

Examples of catastrophic injuries include:

disabled man playing tennis in a wheelchair

Non-Catastrophic Cases

An attorney may not conclude that a case would warrant a life care plan in some non-catastrophic cases. In these cases, the life care plan would relate to specific needs of the case for the best settlement possible.

Examples of non-catastrophic conditions that may need a life care plan:


Julie Sawyer-Little considers individual needs to maximize life and work activities.


amputee and girlfriend, low-vison man with seeing eye dog, autistic girl and woman smiling

In non-catastrophic cases, Sawyer Consulting meets with the client, treating physicians, and other health care professionals in developing the life care plan. Through case evaluation and analysis, Julie Sawyer-Little develops a life care plan which may include adaptive equipment, therapies, medical interventions, and companion services to improve their functioning in the home and work environment. Case evaluation may include vocational assessment to determine vocational potential, earning capacity, employability, vocational analysis to determine vocational damages and medical cost analysis. The ultimate goal being to maximize their independence in all aspects of their life. She also provides forensic expert witness services for these cases.


Lady with walker being assisted to the bathroom by Julie