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Julie Sawyer-Little was spot on in all of her questions ready for the opposing client, vocational expert, and neurologist at trial. When testifying, she commanded respect of the courtroom and her experience shined through. She was the star of our case and I couldn't have imagined trying to take on these experts without her. I endorse Julie and I assure you that I'll be using her whenever I can."

Dustin S. McCrary / The Law Office of Dustin S. McCrary, PLLC

I highly recommend the services of Julie Sawyer-Little. I have utilized her services and expertise since the mid 1990's. She has provided invaluable expert assistance to me and my clients. Due to her extensive training and experience, I have found that she is well respected and well received in the medical, as well as, the legal communities. Her life care plans are thoroughly prepared and will definitely increase the value of any case. Her expertise has been instrumental in allowing me to negotiate the settlement of a case...."

Ann C. Ochsner / Whitley Law Firm

Julie is extremely meticulous and reliable. She does an excellent job of recognizing and analyzing the needs of our clients. She is a straight shooter who can support each of her recommendations. I value the quality of Julie's work, as well as her ability to deliver it in a timely fashion. She's prompt. There are no unnecessary delays with Julie. She gets the job done – and she gets it done on time. She's an absolute pleasure to work with and I give her my highest recommendation."

John M. McCabe / The Law Offices of John M. McCabe, P.A.

Julie Sawyer-Little is always very prepared and professional.  She is universally respected by judges and attorneys and is a top-notch vocational expert. " Vance E. Jennings / Brent Adams & Associates

"I really like working with Julie. She is quick, accurate, professional, and honest in all regards. These characteristics are embedded in her Life Care Plans and come across to a judge and jury during her testimony."

Dr. Ward Brian Zimmerman, President & CEO / EnterpriZ Economic Consulting LLC

Her knowledge of vocational issues is second to none, but what makes her stand out is that she cares about people, will go out of her way to help, and will do everything she can to be flexible with her schedule so she can be deposed and testify as needed where she will stand by her opinions despite often difficult questions from the other side. Julie is easy to talk to and is friendly and will help get your case the best possible result done in an honest and detailed manner."

Jeremy Tanner / Romary & Tanner

Forensic Vocational Rehabilitation Services

calculator for wage loss analysis and computer for comprehensive analysis reports

calculator for wage loss analysis and computer for comprehensive analysis reports

What may be included in forensic vocational rehabilitation?

Earning Capacity/Wage Loss Analysis

An analysis of earning capacity determines within a reasonable degree of rehabilitation probability an individual's capacity to develop educationally and vocationally prior to an injury and cites representative earnings.

Comprehensive Forensic Vocational Expert Report

A report is generated based on an assessment of the individual, work history, vocational capacity analysis, impact of disability, earnings capacity, and future medical and rehabilitation needs and projected medical costs.

Long-Term Disability Evaluation

Services in this area are focused on a review of medical information, physical abilities, clinical intake interview and vocational damages evaluation (when appropriate) to provide opinions regarding employability and vocational potential.

Vocational Assessment in Family Law Cases

A common issue in divorce or marital dissolution cases revolves around the earning capacity or vocational potential of one or both spouses. The goal of the assessment is to evaluate the displaced homemaker's educational background, work history, transferable skills and outline a reasonable plan to return to the competitive labor market. It is important to provide an objective and realistic vocational plan which includes retraining or updating of the individual's skills related to their previous vocational path.

Additionally, if the displaced homemaker has physical or mental limitations which pose additional barriers to employment, a vocational assessment can be an effective tool to addressing the ability to be competitively placed in the labor market. In a few instances, the spouse has provided full-time care to a disabled child which resulted in the individual not being gainfully employed. Again, this necessitates the expertise of a vocational consultant to evaluate resources available to allow the individual to return to work.

How can I help your case?

Sawyer Consulting can bolster your case by providing the following:

Employment Assessment

  • Evaluate and outline spouse's lack of education, work-related skills, transferable skills, and earning capacity.
  • Determine to the degree to which age, physical, or mental health impacts employability.

Earning Capacity Analysis

  • Evaluate current and future earning capacity of either spouse.
  • Compare actual earnings to potential earning capacity of either spouse.
  • Evaluate a supporting spouse's lack of earning capacity or inability to meet support demands.
  • Determine whether the supported or support-seeking spouse is voluntarily unemployed or under-employed.

Vocational Plan

  • Provide a realistic timeframe for supported or supporting spouse to find work in the labor market.
  • Assess efforts of either spouse to seek employment, build a business or explore career options.
  • Determine cost and duration of education and training for future career options.
  • Identify potential costs related to child care resulting from spouse's returning to work.

Expert Testimony

Julie Sawyer-Little is experienced and well qualified to provide expert witness services / expert testimony in the legal community in the areas of personal injury, medical malpractice, product liability, workers compensation, employment law, marital dissolution, social security disability, and long-term disability.

Professional Experience in Occupational Therapy

Julie Sawyer-Little is a licensed occupational therapist in addition to providing comprehensive life care planning and forensic vocational rehabilitation services. This education and experience adds another dimension of expertise in the evaluation process. This additional expertise can be important not only in adult cases, but also pediatric cases.

Disabled child on assistive technology